Your Conversion Optimization Checklist

  1. Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics gives you an advantage over understanding your visitors’ behavior, what is happening on your page, which page is your most popular of them all, and what are your customers demanding right now. In order for you to effectively hit the right note, you need all that real-time insight on what your visitors want to subscribe to, buy or read.

  1. Design your Call-to-action to the optimal:

Sometimes CTAs are not given the attention they require. Make your CTAs action-oriented and have a sense of urgency with clear messages. Choose an attention grabbing color and design for your button.

  1. Test! Test! Test!

Do A/B testing running two versions that send the same message to equal amounts of traffic. The two versions can differ in headline font color, background, CTA button, or even wording. The version that lands higher conversion rates is your go-to.

  1. Reduction or Removal of Risk(guarantee or warrant your offer) (risk free)

Every purchase has a risk. Reduce the risk of your customers purchase by giving them some sort of guarantee or warranty. People like knowing that you are sure of what your product or service has to offer and that if it does go wrong you will take action towards it because you care about providing your customers with the best. It reassures people of the quality you offer.

  1. Execute Exit Surveys

Exit-surveys provide you with feedback on your visitors’ experience on your website. People who usually answer exit-surveys are people who have strong feelings towards your website, either extremely positive or extremely negative; therefore, you would receive your best and worst attributes and work on them. This can help you emphasize on what your visitors had positive feedback on and optimize it and comprehend better the negatives to alter them.

  1. E-mail List Building

The more you collect relevant e-mails to your list the more conversions you will score. This will facilitate lead generation and nurturing which is the essence to having loyal and returning customers who will engage your product with others. Connect to your customers your latest news, offers or promotions that are relevant to them to keep them flowing.

  1. Live Chat

Provide customers with the availability of real-time engagement with customer service representatives or the sales team to understand your customers’ needs better and answer all their questions on the spot. This will give you the advantage to eliminate the abandonment of customers at the conversion stage in the sales process that is a result of frustration or confusion. According to a statistical analysis done by BoldChat, “Chatters are 7.5x more likely to convert than visitors who don’t chat.”

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