Why should your B2B business take livechat seriously?

When you think about livechat, do you associate it only with the consumer market? It may be time to think again.
Livechat isn’t just for resolving quick queries to do with simple products; it can also be a highly effective way of building trust, of clearing up any sticking points along the buyer journey and of picking up useful info about your leads. In short, if you’re a B2B marketer, it deserves a place on your radar. Here’s why…

Business buyers are people too

From the buyer’s perspective, the main benefit of livechat is the ability to get quick answers to queries while they browse a site. So why should business buyers be any different? After all, with most businesses now engaging with customers and the companies they work with via social media, ‘instant response’ is now the norm. Doesn’t it make sense to offer a speedy way of answering questions in real time on your website?

It helps to build trust

Pre-internet, the business buying process was characterised by interaction. Successful sales reps built a rapport with leads, offering advice and pointing them in the right direction. It might not be ‘face-to-face’, but livechat can offer a similar approach to your visitors, setting the right tone at the beginning of your relationship with leads.

It helps to set you apart from your competitors

The B2B buyer process can be a complex one, involving plenty of research and consideration of the product or service offerings of multiple companies. How do you make your company stand out in a crowded marketplace? One way is to make sure you provide a hassle-free and refreshingly helpful user experience. If yours was the website that offered a lead a helpful tip in real time, you’re more likely to get a star next to your name.

Part of your wider strategy

In the early stages of the sales funnel, the emphasis is on establishing your credentials as someone worth doing business with and as a source of genuinely useful information. Educational gated content is one part of this strategy – and livechat can complement it, for instance by enabling you to answer the specific question put forward by a lead, before going on to suggests he downloads your E-book for more info.

Livechat can even provide you with vital clues about what needs to be fixed on your site. For instance, if multiple visitors are all asking the same question after reading a page, this could be a sign something’s missing from it.

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