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Do it RIGHT: The Key To Marketing Success


In the marketing field it is a war zone of information flow, a tactic of collecting data and turning it to insights in order to gain marketing advantage. EngageMaster with its real-time analytics, chatting tool, and automated campaigns facilitates the extraction of valuable insights to take on decisions on who, when and what to target.

As we all know:

The key to successful marketing is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.
The Right Person

You’re monitoring, you have insight on every visitor’s journey, and you have demographic and behavioral data on your visitors, and bingo! You are able to identify the “right person” with all those insights. You want to choose not just anybody; you want to choose that person who is ACTIVELY looking browsing through pages that present, for instance, product Y, and the visitor’s profile says that the visitor belongs to profession X that requires product Y. This would be your checking list that points at that right person.

Ok so you found the right person that matches all the criteria you’re looking for. Now what?

The Right Time

When do you approach your visitor, when is the right time?

The right time is the zero moment of truth (ZMOT). The zero moment of truth is the moment between the stimulus (what alerts you of a product, like an ad) and first moment of truth (a term used by Proctor & Gamble to refer to the decision to purchase). Your visitor is at the ZMOT now. Your visitor is aware of what you have to offer, they are browsing actively on your site, still didn’t purchase though and that’s when you jump in and seize that moment. Engage them with a campaign that tackles their interests and converts them to customers.

The Right Message
Initiate campaigns and engage your targeted visitor, a visitor that has shown prior interest, with your selling points, whether it is an offer, discount, or newsletter subscription. For example, sending the right message to a visitor that has shown interest in leather high-top sneakers would be starting a campaign that addresses leather high-top sneakers directly, an alternative like a leather care kit that comes with every purchase of leather sneakers. There goes your right message with the content that is relevant to the right person at the right time.

Have competitive advantage and be ahead of the game with valuable insight on how to do it right.

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