Are you wasting your PPC budget? Why conversion marketing matters…

So a big chunk of your traffic comes from CPC and CPM. But what happens when those visitors actually arrive at your site? Are you doing enough to convert them?

The mass appeal of paid digital advertising means…

… it’s not getting any cheaper.

In fact, average CPC rates went up 40% between 2012 and 2014.

Research suggests that companies spend an average of $91 on attracting each visitor, but just $1 on converting them.

Does this budget split sound familiar?

This is a strong indicator that you could be wasting your marketing budget.


Make sure you spend as much time on optimizing your landing pages as much as you do planning & designing your CPC and CPM ad campaigns.

The secret to mastering your customer journey is this:

You need to realize that the customer journey is a lot more involved than simply ‘View ad/ click ad/check price/buy’. That journey is often described as a funnel, at the top of the funnel where the lead first comes into contact with your brand; the emphasis should be on building brand awareness and establishing your authority as someone worth doing business with. Moving further through the funnel the emphasis shifts towards providing information about your product for that customer and engaging them with relevant content.

So when it comes to maximizing marketing ROI, bear in mind the following:

  • Your homepage is never ever a good landing page. You must always create a dedicated landing page for each marketing campaign.
  • Make your landing pages clear and concise. Provide a compelling call to action that makes it clear to customers that taking the next step in the buyer journey will be worthwhile.
  • Avoid dead-end landing pages. If you are driving traffic to your website your landing page must ensure the customer actively engages with your brand, this could include requesting a demo or simply subscribing to your newsletter.
  • Be present for your buyer’s immediate needs and concerns providing live chat to ensure their concerns are answered.
  • Your strategy isn’t set in stone. Tweak your layouts and content to see what works best.

To succeed, a landing page needs to have the right tone and content to address your prospect’s concerns. Make sure it is accompanied by sufficient attention to setting up the right tools to increase your conversion rate.

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